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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Updated Review: **** Carneros Merlot, Sonoma CA, 2007 - Codes: 514 - 07CM (MC7)

We tried the MC7 as part of the 2011 blending party.  Here are notes from that tasting:  MC7 (2007 Carneros Merlot, Sonoma, CA): Ray: color, medium deep red; aroma, funky, deep and vegetative old world; flavor, oxidized, deep and bold; 3.  Karin, 2.  Jim: flavor, too dark; 2+.  Eric: aroma, stronger than most, almost a hint of red licorice; flavor, strongly alcoholic, a bit fruity, but has an odd finish; 2.  Rob: color, dark burgundy; aroma, metallic; flavor, metallic tannins; 3.

Now, here's an updated review, May, 2012:  Color is deep red.  Soft and lightly funky deep red berries on the nose.  Red berries and red licorice for miles on the palate.  Interesting.  Friendly and extracted fruity.  3 stars for this red intense experience.  I pick up no metallic nor oxidized elements in this bottle.

And further updated, now seven years from vintage date, January, 2014:  ps, I think this was made with a combination of Pasteur and 254 yeasts.  Deep red in the glass.  Oak and deep red fruit show on the nose.  Soft red berries on the palate.  The richness and deep, fun, red fruit just bring me to 4 stars on the Spirit of Wine scale.  Not at all tired.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review and Rating: *** Chez Ray M'5 Los Lomas Merlot, 2005, Carneros, Napa County CA

Original Review, July 2008: This is a newer vintage Chez Ray wine, vinted from Brehm frozen grapes from Napa county. This pure-breed merlot was first sampled here and its making was described here.

This is one of two Carneros merlots I made from 2005. The other one is reviewed here.

Let see what this one is like: In the glass, it is a medium magenta with purple highlights. The aroma is intriguing: "eau de helium" is how I would characterize it; actually seems like you are sniffing inside a balloon! Not a bad aroma, just odd. Let's see, here's the balloon knot, hmmm, very smooth sides, etc...

Now let's see what the inside of a helium balloon tastes like: most of what you notice first are an onslaught of acids across the palate, this is backed by a tannin finish that further puckers after you're already puckered from the acids. My face is a sorry sight at the moment.

This definitely has structure and acids, but no fruit and no classical aroma of note. I would recommend laying down for a few years. My fingers are crossed, but I'm somewhat dubious. One star out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for hope for the future.

Now a year later, late May, 2009: Mid-deep red - serious blood color. Aromas are not helium any longer - deep, serious, subdued black fruit. On the palate, a lifted acid and solid tannic core, but a solid fruit is squeezing up from out of the depths. The combination is taking on a serious, tough sweetness. Clean finish. Quite intriguing. Time will still help. Now three stars. Good promise for future.


Updated Review, July, 2010, about five years from vintage date, and three and a half years since bottling; just over one year from last review (picture is from this tasting):  Consistent color and serious black cassis on the nose.  An acid-driven, but full tannin and fruit-backed structure on the palate.  Excellent "fur" and sweetness on the long-lasting palate, with tongue-prickling acids at the end.  Still a strong three stars.  May even grow to a higher level with more time.

Updated Review, February, 2011:  Deep magenta.  Still love the deep, brooding, dark aromas.  Powerful balance on the palate - shows deep blackberry fruit, big acids and tannins backing things up.  A hint of more mature characters coming through.

Updated review, over a year later,  May, 2012, now 7 years from vintage date:  Deep magenta.  Brooding aromas with plenty of deep oak.  Somewhat medicinal flavors, but solid ink with solid oak backing it up.  Black currant plus black cherry.   Still a solid three stars.   Strong showing with the additional time in bottle.