Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Review: ***+ Chez Ray Zinfandel, Edon Knoll, Talmage CA, 2007 - Z7

By way of background:  This is Chez Ray Zinfandel, Edon Knoll, Talmage CA, 2007.  I know for sure that it is coded Z7, but honestly in my records from 2007 I only have an EZ7 recorded (but I can find no bottles of that).  So, by elimination, I am making this assertion.

If correct, the grapes and process for 2007 were described here.

Light red with pink and brick in the glass.

Bright, blousy, perfumed pink flowers in the glass.  Seems like it will be super high pitched and bright fruity.

On the palate, a red funk shows first, suggesting the wine needs some air time.  Past that, there is almost a liqueur-like red currant and strawberry flair, with a potent sweet alcohol note.

Seems like Mae West: feminine but surely potent.  Three stars with a plus on the Spirit of Wine scale.

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