Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: ***+ Chez Ray Zinfandel, Lodi, California, 2006 (destemmed)

Review: Chez Ray Zinfandel, Lodi, California, 2006 (destemmed).  The version fermented with stems is described here.  It is first being sampled eight years from vintage date, January, 2014.

In the glass: Medium red with pink highlights.

On the nose:  At room temperature, shows a shy, light clean purple nose.  Seems like it will be bright and fresh.

On the palate:  Shows a more profound, aromatic, deep violet element than anticipated.  Balanced notes of fruit, oak, tannins and acids, in an overall refined package.   As aromatic and flavorful as the palate is, the finish is clean and dry.

Overall, just touches an impressive four stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale, consistent with the version fermented with stems.   Although I am not tasting the two versions side-by-side, from the descriptions I would say that the overall quality of the stemmed and de-stemmed varietals is consistent, but the stemmed version seems to carry a bit more minerality.

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