Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: ****+ Chez Ray Cabernet Sauvignon State Lane, Napa, California, 2007 (aka CS7)

By way of background:
This is Chez Ray Cabernet Sauvignon State Lane, Napa, California, vintage 2007, coded CS7. The start of the vinting process is described here.  Original tasting notes from 2011: Ray: color, medium deep red; aroma, fruity and deep bold, hint oxidized; flavor, clean and bold dark chocolate, 4.  Jim: color, deep red; aroma, spice, boysenberry; flavor, light cab, good fruity, smooth finish; 4+.

Updated review, seven years from vintage date, January, 2014:  Deep mahogany with some brick highlights.  Full, deep, savory nose of pleasant shoepolish.  On the palate, shows an aromatic, sleek, plush and flavorful composure, with elements of dark chocolate, exquisitely balanced with solid, deep fruit and tannins.  Big, and remarkable balance nonetheless.  Four + stars on the Spirit of Wine scale.  Awesome - and long-lived.

One of the most expensive raw grapes I've acquired over the years.  Just goes to show...  The grape makes the wine!

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