Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: ***+ Chez Ray 2008 Underwood Mountain Pinot Noir, Washington (coded P8)

By way of background:  This is the Chez Ray 2008 Underwood Mountain Pinot Noir, Washington (coded P8).  Vinting notes are here.  

Original tasting notes, three years from vintage date, in 2011:  Ray:  color, light brick pink;  aroma, shy light, hint tobacco; flavor, bright, spicy, clean, aromatic finish; 3.  Karin: good finish; 4.  Jim: color, light; aroma, raspberry; flavor, light fruit, deep finish; 3+.  Eric:  color, very light, more like a rose; flavor, banana-like aftertaste; 1.  Rob: color, pink; aroma, tar; flavor, thin; 1.


Updated review, now six years from vintage date, January, 2014:  Remains light brick in color, showing a very shy and serious light red nose.  The palate shows a light red balance of dry strawberry, clean laundry freshness and bright - almost sauvignon-blanc-ness - acidity.  Three stars on the Spirit of Wine scale plus a big plus for its long-lived lightness of spirit.

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