Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Review: ***+ State Lane Cabernet Sauuvignon, Napa, CA, 2008 (vinted) 2007 (grape vintage) (aka CS8V)

By way of background:  I vinted the 2007 State Lane cabernet sauvignon from Napa with a few different yeasts.  Earlier, I posted reviews with BDX (Bordeaux) yeast here.  Today, I am sampling a version with the VQ-15 (also called Rockpile Syrah) yeast.

Original review, five years from vinting date, October, 2013:  State Lane Cabernet Sauuvignon, Napa, CA, 2008 (vinted) 2007 (grape vintage), made with VQ-15 yeast.

Color:  Deep magenta red, not opaque.

Aroma:  Full fruit and light helium aromatics.  Seems like this will be sweet, full and fresh, despite its age.

Palate:  Inky, bold, bright purple and violet plum fruit.  Solid and sleek, but can't afford a lot more time in bottle.  Three stars with a plus on the Spirit of Wine scale.

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