Thursday, December 06, 2012

Review: **** J&S Applejack

By way of background, opening thoughts:  Applejack is a little-known apple-based liquor, dating back to the days of Colonial America, traditionally brewed by freeze distillation, but in recent days more often manufactured with traditional liquor brewing techniques accompanied by flavorings. Today we are sampling J&S Applejack, brewed by a proprietary freeze-distillation process, harking back to the more traditional processes.

Original tasting and review : This is J&S Applejack, finished at an unspecified, but estimated 30-35% alcohol.

In the glass: A clear, light scotch color, quite clean and elegant.

On the nose: Poured cold and swirled vigorously, shows light, tangy crisp apple fruit, very crisp and clean.  From the aroma, seems like this will be more light than sweet, more aromatic and flavorful than deep.

On the palate: The primary elements on the palate are in fact bold, soft and fragrant on the mid-palate, bringing substantial alcohol to your nose, but accompanied by full and fresh essence of the underlying apples.  It is more liquor than cider, carrying all the appropriate potency, but retains the energy and vitality of the underlying fruit.  Quite different from calvados or most other distillates in that respect.  Tangy and deep finish that hugs your cheeks for almost a full minute.

In summary: Overall, rates a powerful four stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale.  I'd stay with this for an entire evening.  Congrats J&S!!

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