Thursday, January 23, 2014

Updated Review: **** Carneros Merlot, Sonoma CA, 2007 - Codes: 514 - 07CM (MC7)

We tried the MC7 as part of the 2011 blending party.  Here are notes from that tasting:  MC7 (2007 Carneros Merlot, Sonoma, CA): Ray: color, medium deep red; aroma, funky, deep and vegetative old world; flavor, oxidized, deep and bold; 3.  Karin, 2.  Jim: flavor, too dark; 2+.  Eric: aroma, stronger than most, almost a hint of red licorice; flavor, strongly alcoholic, a bit fruity, but has an odd finish; 2.  Rob: color, dark burgundy; aroma, metallic; flavor, metallic tannins; 3.

Now, here's an updated review, May, 2012:  Color is deep red.  Soft and lightly funky deep red berries on the nose.  Red berries and red licorice for miles on the palate.  Interesting.  Friendly and extracted fruity.  3 stars for this red intense experience.  I pick up no metallic nor oxidized elements in this bottle.

And further updated, now seven years from vintage date, January, 2014:  ps, I think this was made with a combination of Pasteur and 254 yeasts.  Deep red in the glass.  Oak and deep red fruit show on the nose.  Soft red berries on the palate.  The richness and deep, fun, red fruit just bring me to 4 stars on the Spirit of Wine scale.  Not at all tired.

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