Saturday, March 03, 2012

Columbus IPA (beer!)

By way of background:  This will be a hoppy IPA, entirely made with Columbus hops - for bittering, flavoring and aroma.  Procured as kit from MoreBeer.  Made approximately November 15, 2011.

Malt: 9 pounds light malt extract.
Steeping grain: 1.5 pounds crystal 15L
Hops, all Columbus:
      Bittering, 1 oz, boiled for 60 minutes
     Flavoring, 2 oz, boiled the last 5 minutes
     Aoma, 2 oz, boiled the last 1 minute
Clarifier: Whirlfloc, 1 tablet, added the last five minutes of boil
Priming sugar: 4 oz corn sugar, boiled with 2 cups of water for 5 minutes

Original gravity: 1.065
Yeast strain: Safale Dry
Temperature of wort at pitch: 80 F
Lag time for onset of fermentation: 1 day
Fermentation temperature: 70 F
Days in primary: 5
Final gravity: 1.015

ABV = (1.065-1.015)* 131 = 6.5% ABV
Cost, incl yeast, approx $37.

Tasting notes:
Color: full-brewed orange pekoe black tea
Aroma: tangy hops
Palate: peppery, slightly bitter hops that curl your cheeks, leave pepper on the roof of your mouth.  Clean finish with that bitter element still embedded.  Feels like it may want to mellow with time.

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