Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tasting notes and review: *** Lanza Merlot 2009

This is Lanza Merlot from Suisun Valley, California.  The grape arrival was described here.

Two years after harvest, November, 2011, this shows as deep purple magenta, opaque from about a half inch from the edge of the glass.

On the nose, it shows bright purple ink with lifted alcohol.

Still quite primary and fruity on the palate, with rich deep fruits, but an overtone of acetic acid (ie, vinegar).  Finish is lively and clean.  Three stars on a five star scale, with a plus for deep potency.

Updated review, two and a half years later, now five years from vintage date, May, 2014:  Still deep magenta.  Aromatically, less purple but still somewhat inky.  Fresh, bright on the palate, showing crisp, acid-toned redish blackberry fruit.  Holding well.  Wants food to cut the brightness.

Updated review for ML9C, now seven years from vintage date, June, 2016:  Deep magenta still.  No bricking at the edges of which to speak.  Colleagues still pick up the ink on the nose.  Full-featured blackberry on the palate, Deep, happy and bright.  Easy three stars. Almost touches a plus for potency, longevity and poignancy.  Inspired by Chez Ray Lanza Merlot ML9C:  "Yes, school is school, but every now and then an experience still stands out."

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