Saturday, October 29, 2011

2011 Chez Ray Grape Arrivals

Here are grape arrivals for 2011, all processed according to this program.  

Arrivals on Oct. 1, 2011:
Lodi "Super Cab VSP" Cabernet Sauvignon - Code CL11 (24.5 brix)
Lodi Chardonnay - Code C11 (21 brix)
Lodi Viognier - Code V11 (22 brix)

Arrivals on Oct 29, 2011:
(Both of these were reported with high ph of 3.9, so were acidified at start with 3 tsp tartaric acid per 5 gallons, enough to theoretically lower ph approx .1 to 3.8)
Paso Robles "Dos Robles" Cabernet Sauvignon - Code CP11 (25 brix)
Paso Robles "Dos Robles" Old Vine Zinfandel - Code ZP11 (26 brix)

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