Sunday, July 05, 2015

Updated Review: **** Chez Ray Syrah, Alexander Valley, Sonoma, CA, 2007 (S7)

This is Chez Ray Syrah from frozen Alexander Valley must from Brehm Vineyards, Sonoma, CA - 2007 vintage.

Immediately below are notes from our 2011 blending party:

S7 (2007 Lodi Syrah, CA): Ray: color, mid brick; aroma, bold, some black cherry, alcoholic; flavor, chocolate and sweet, bright; 3+ for depth.  Jim: color, deep red/pink; aroma, spice; flavor, good fruit, slight tannic finish, 4+.   Eric:  aroma, not much aroma; flavor, thin, a bit spicy and acidic; 2.  Rob: color, very deep red;  aroma, grassy, fresh; flavvor, smooth, tannic; 3.

Updated review:  This tasting is a few months after the blending party, now June, 2011:   Medium deep burgundy in the glass, some bricking at the edge.  Aroma is deep and bold, with black cherry and distinct oak.  There is a brightness on the palate accompanied by a charcoal darkness, all surrounding a sweet fruit core.  Fresh sweet blackberries.  Depth with a hint of chocolate.  Retain the three stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for continued promise with additional age or decanting.

With some confusion in records for this grape, I originally through S7 was a Lodi syrah from fresh grapes.  But upon tasting over time, and checking my original purchase records, I believe S7 is actually AVS7, the labeling 525 AVS7 from Brehm Alexander Valley syrah for 2007.

Updated review, over a year later,  August, 2012:  Deep burgundy ruby brick at the edge.  Charcoal and fruit-forward black cherry on the nose.  Friendly, fruity red berry sip, but evolving balance between the fruit and a soft underlying structure. Gentle touch and light aromatics bring it just to the four star level, now at five years of age.

Updated review, another three years later, now eight years from vintage date,  July, 2015:  Muddy deep brick, not quite opaque in the center.  Soft, old fruit on the nose.  Balanced, soft, red berry fruit on the palate, showing rich red raspberries and ripe blackberries.  Sweet finish, fades gently.  Great drinking, yet ready to be finished up within the next year or two.

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