Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review & Rating: *** Chez Ray Zinfandel with Stems, Lodi, CA, 2005 (Z'5) (Z prime 5)

By way of background: We made the 2005 Lodi zinfandel (from grapes) in two ways: with stems attached, and with stems removed.  This one, labeled as Z'5, was fermented with the stems attached.  Initial tasting notes from 2006 were made at our blending party here.

Initial review , five years from vintage date, May, 2011: This is Chez Ray Zinfandel with Stems, Lodi, CA, 2005 (Z'5).  

In the glass: Very light brick orange, lighter than pinot noir. 

On the nose: Poured cool and swirled vigorously, shows deep, solid oak and light, sweet fruit.  From the aroma, seems like this will be light bodied but friendly. 

On the palate: The primary elements on the palate are in fact mellow and light on the mid-palate, showing soft raspberry and cherry.  Oak brings along some tannins, which with light acids settle in to a modest-length and clean finish.

In summary: Overall, rates three stars on the five-star Spirit of Wine scale.

Here's what we said about this wine five years ago, in 2006: 2005 Lodi Zinfandel with Stems, Lodi, CA (Z'5, code #41) - zen nose, tannin, fruity, smooth, fragrant (91), zin!, red-light, soft tannin, mid fruit, soft acid, mid alcohol, tasteless at first, bitter aftertaste.

The review of the stemless version of this wine also generated three stars and is available here, from October, 2010.   Blending notes for the stemless version from 2006 are as follows: "upfront aroma, concord grape flavor, nice, smooth, fruity (90), soft tannin, mid fruit, light acid, light alcohol, concord/zin, interesting, fruity but full".

Updated review, two and a half years later, now eight year from vintage date, October, 2013:  Light orange red in the glass.  Same light bodied, friendly red nose.  Still a very modest, very fresh, very light-grained friendly red.  Not a whole lot going on; but what is remarkable is the everlasting freshness in such a light-bodied wine, now eight years old!

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