Thursday, June 16, 2016

***+ Chez Ray Rutherford Bench Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley CA, 2007

Original review, December, 2010:  This is a first bottle sampling of the Chez Ray Rutherford Bench Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley CA, 2007 vintage (code CR7), whose preparation was described here.

In the glass Chez Ray Rutherford Cab 2007 shows as deep, dusty magenta red, with brick hues at the edges of the glass.  That brick coloring seems a bit surprising for so young a cabernet (I'd be expecting more purple this at this young age).

Served cool and with a brief decant, this high-end vineyard cabernet shows rich, concentrated prune juice on the nose.

On the palate, this remains dry and tight, with just a hint of remaining funk (that will probably still blow off).  Good tannins and grit in the structure, but it is still hiding the fruit.  Will need to mellow in the bottle a year or two longer.   Right now, two stars on the Spirit of Wine scale, with a big plus for potential.

Updated review, a year later, December, 2011:  Medium deep red in the glass, still brick at edge.  Lighter prunes, some old red currants on the nose.  Light, delicate red fruit is emerging in a base of sleek tannins.  This is coming into its own, touching three stars.  Creating an almost pinot noir-like experience, with potential pairing with foods that would similarly complement: I'd consider turkey and salmon.

Updated review, five years later,  now nine years from vintage date, June, 2016:  Color is consistent medium deep red.   Colleagues report the nose remains clean and balanced.  Sleek, almost saline red berry experience on the palate.  Bright finish.  Adds a star to three stars with a plus for longevity and balance.  Inspired by the Chez Ray CR7:  "Extended family is reconnecting for dinner; so many new stories to tell."

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