Tuesday, August 03, 2010

*** Chez Ray Summer White 2010 - Homemade Wine Tasting & Review

Chez Ray Summer White 2010 is a blend of two just-fermented wines made from frozen grapes from Brehm Vineyards... the 328-06 2006 Columbia Gorge WA Gewurztraminer and the 335-06 2006 White Salmon Vineyard WA Chardonnay.  Both were fermented cool - at about 60 degrees fahrenheit - using Cote des Blancs yeast.

The blend is 50/50, with 3 teaspoons sugar per 750 ml bottle.  Color is faint yellow with the merest of green hint.  The nose is sweet hay.  Served cool, this shows a first hit of tangy sweetness on the mid-palate.  Clean acids and light fruit support the sugar, creating a tingle in your cheeks.  I'd try again, so three stars on the Spirit of Wine scale.

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