Saturday, July 03, 2010

**** Chez Ray Summer White Wine Blend 2007/8

This Chez Ray Summer White Wine Blend is a mix of one-half 2008 gewurztraminer (G8) and one-half 2007 22-degree botrytis chardonnay and chenin blanc (fermented dry from 2005 frozen grapes), combined with 2.5 teaspoons sugar per 750 ml bottle.

In the glass, it is light yellow with glints of green.  The nose has grass, hay and hints of sweet lemon.  On the palate, a tangy sweet middle shows first, with elements of grass and botrytis blending as it moves up into your cheeks.  The finish is clean and crisp, with moments of tropical fruit blending in with the mild, sweet acids.

Really, something to stick with on a pleasant summer's evening - four stars on the Spirit of Wine scale.

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