Sunday, October 04, 2009

Suisun Valley 2009 Grapes Arrive

Grapes for the 2009 Chez Ray vintage arrived this weekend from Lanza Family Vineyards in the Suisun Valley, just southeast of Napa Valley, CA.

Although I had plans to subject the entire 2009 vintage to Enoferm RP15 (aka VQ15, VQ-15, or RP-15) yeast, the grapes arrived before my yeast. So my yeast and grape schedule was as follows:

Lalvin ICV-D254
Lanza Merlot (ML9A)

Lalvin ICV-D80
Lanza Merlot (ML9B)

Lalvin BM45
Lanza Merlot (ML9C)

Mixed: Lalvin D254, D80, BM45
Lanza Cabernet Sauvignon (Rock Vineyards) (CL9)
Lanza Cabernet Sauvignon (Koch Vineyards) (CK9)
Lanza Petite Syrah (PSL9)

I used Go-Ferm to reconstitute yeast, and built an approx half-gallon starter by adding crushed grapes during the course of a day. I'll get the ferment going at room temperature, then move to a cooler basement ferment after a couple of days. Basement fermentation proceeded at approximately 65 degrees F.

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