Tuesday, October 20, 2009

** Chez Ray Pinot Noir (P4), 2004, Lodi, CA

By way of background: The Chez Ray Pinot Noir, 2004, was made from Lodi grapes, fermented warm, with a combination of French and American oak.

In the glass: Deep pink-red with a brickish cast.

On the nose: Overcooked, almost baked, red berry fruits. A bit of motor oil with the overcooked stew. Nothing to write home about (except maybe to say, "Get me outa here!").

On the palate: Far more presentable on the palate. Sweet red fruits on the mid-palate, not cloying, but fresh. Just a touch of vegetable in there too. Firm, lightly acid, sweet and still rich, a touch of tannin move in after the acids subside.

And the finish: Rests with the acids, then moves to a bit of grip with the tannins.

In summary: I may have overstayed the storage with this one, feels overripe. Two stars, because I can't see hurrying back. Kind of jangled overall. Pinot's a tough wine to get right - my 2004 vintage seems not to have done the trick.


  1. Sooo. Pinot Noir, but referring to Cab Franc fermentation - I'm confused.

    Thanks btw for posting about extended maceration with cling film - helped me out.


  2. Thanks, Kevin. My bad. Typo.

  3. Thanks LinnMay. BUT: looks aren't everything!