Friday, November 22, 2013

Updated Posting: 2009 Mendocino Zinfandel Arrives; and Reviews ( ***+ ZM9A, ZM9B, ZM9C)

Original posting, October, 2009:  This weekend, four crates of zinfandel grapes arrived from Lucchesi Vineyard from Potter Valley in Mendocino County, CA. They come from older vines on St. George root stock. They look to be in great shape, and are delicious fresh. They will comprise the Chez Ray Mendocino Zinfandel, 2009, vintage.

Similar to the Lanza merlot, I will ferment in separate batches with different yeast in each, accordingly:

Lalvin ICV-D254
Mendocino Zinfandel (ZM9A)

Lalvin ICV-D80
Mendocino Zinfandel (ZM9B)

Lalvin BM45
Mendocino Zinfandel (ZM9C)


Updated posting, March, 2013, almost 3 1/2 years later, tasting of ZM9C (made with BM45 yeast):  Deep red in the glass, with some brick notes at the edge.  Deep, bold red and violet aromas, both husky and bright.  Full and fresh on the palate, with a distinct overtone of laundry that has been airing in the sun.  Three stars on the Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for potency.  Tasting of ZM9A (made with ICV-D254 yeast):  Consistent color and aroma to ZM9C.  Sweeter on the palate, with cleaner aromatics.  Tasting of ZM9B (made with ICV-D80 yeast):  Consistent color, perhaps a bit more brick.  Lighter aromatics, bright red fruit.  Dry and sleek on the palate.  Overall, BM45 yeast seems to impart the "biggest zin" elements; ICV-D80 a more sleek, classic envelope; and ICV-D254 splits the difference.  Subtle differences, but still there after almost four years since vinting.

Updated posting, now four years from vintage date, November, 2013, blend of ZM9A, ZM9B and ZM9C, so, in effect, a Mendocino Zinfandel purebred...  Deep red with brick notes.  Aromas are sweet with deep violet and slightly aged cough syrup.  Palate shows fleshy deep red fruits plus little hints of perky acid tweets that lodge in your cheeks. Touches of chewing tobacco.  Just nudging past its prime.

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