Saturday, June 13, 2009

Insulating the Chez Ray Wine Cellar

Chez Ray wines designed to age are kept in my passive, cool basement. As summers have warmed, the temperature in the basement has begun to spike towards 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This year, I have begun a project to enclose and insulate the northeast corner of our basement (in the Northeast U.S.).

Two by six studs have been set to cordon off an area bounded by north and east rock and concrete walls. I have begun the work to insulate these walls with R-19 fiberglass batt insulation, as you can see. Vapor barrier has been put towards the outside of the wine cellar, in keeping with the theory of putting the vapor barrier to the warm side of a room.

This is hot, itchy work, especially while wearing plastic gloves and air filter.

In addition to the walls, I plan to insulate the rafters of this area of the basement, and an area above the concrete basement which stretches into a crawl space.

In the event the wine cellar does not achieve reasonable summer temps passively, I have an ace in the hole. The duct work that you can see in the pictures is actually air conditioning for our first floor. If cooling is required beyond that which occurs passively, then I shall be slicing a vent and siphoning some of this cooled air.

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