Friday, September 10, 2010

**** Chez Ray Russian River Windsor Vineyards Zinfandel, (Z5) Sonoma, CA - Review and Rating

Original Review, May, 2009: The Chez Ray 2005 Russian River Zinfandel is from Windsor Vineyards, delivered as frozen grapes from Brehm Vineyards. Original tasting notes from our post-fermentation blending party are here.

Let's see how it's doing with a couple of years of age...

In the glass, it is deep magenta with a touch of rust color. Aromas are bold, purple-inky and wildly alcoholic. Keep the lit matches away! Fruit is a bright blackberry.

Upon sipping, this zinfandel slides to the middle of your palate, emitting minerally, smooth, liquor-like drapes of sweet, easy fruit. Acids and tannins are hidden entirely, but you feel they are underneath, pumping up the intensity. Finishes with a clean metal sheen, touches with glints of fruit. Four stars on the Spirit of Wine scale. Quite ready to drink now, though another year or two in bottle won't seem to hurt anything.

Updated Review, now five years from vintage date, September, 2010:  Consistent color, just a hint of brick at the rim now.  Wild purple ink on the nose.  A full intensity of ink on the palate, dripping down your cheeks, buttressed by clear underlying tannins. Holding up extraordinarily well.

Following long decant, two days kept cool in partially-filled bottle: Now blood-red ink on the nose, rather than purple.  Tannins have gotten sleeker on the palate too.  Yum, still good stuff.  Gonna try a couple more days too.


  1. I'd like to order a bottle or two!

  2. You couldn't afford one - but if you buy the pizza, the wine comes free!
    ps, we tried this at the blending party: