Friday, July 30, 2010

***+ Chez Ray Petite Sirah (PS4), 2004, Lodi, CA - Review and Rating

Original Review, March, 2009: The 2004 Chez Ray Petit Sirah comes from Lodi, CA, fresh grapes. In the glass, it is a deep red, almost opaque in the middle, moving to medium red at the edges. Quite unusual for such color after a few years in the bottle.

Aroma is oddly piquant, bringing your nose into what seems like a massive explosion at a perfume factory housed in a barnyard. Weird stuff indeed. The perfume is flowery and violet, but like you're actually inside the flower, not smelling its aroma.

On the palate, this is a rounder, richer, gentler version of the aromas, rolling and gliding along your tongue. Few acids; fewer tannins. But the pure concentration causes this to linger.

I want to try it again, so that is three stars on the Spirit of Wine scale. A plus is added for its exquisite oddity.

Updated Review, over a year later, now 6 years from vintage date, July, 2010:  Consistent color and aroma.  The palate is so round I am concerned it will fall over to senility soon.

Following long decant, two days under vacuum in partially-filled bottle:  Just enough to cause it to roll-over, now crossing over pleasant to the "vegetable-y" side of taste.  

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