Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chez Ray 2008 Vintage: just resting

All in carboy, the 2008 vintage is sitting at room temperature for a few weeks, letting malolactic fermentation take hold.


  1. Looks nice! great blog!

    How do you know when the malolactic fermentation is over? Do you trigger it with a special yeast? Have you observed a taste difference with and without this fermentation?

  2. Chris,
    These are outstanding questions. There are chromatography tests to verify malolactic completion, but they are complex, somewhat time consuming and add cost; I don't use them, because I do age my wines for a year or so in cellar temperatures that rise during the summer - so I am pretty comfortable it has completed by the time I bottle. I have aggressively tested yeast differences, but I have not tested wines with and without malolactic. And, yes, you generally do need to trigger malolactic fermentation. This year I used Enoferm Alpha malolactic starter, and Acti-ML as a nutrient solution.