Monday, December 31, 2012

Updated Review and Rating: **** 2006 State Lane Cabernet Sauvignon, Yountville, Napa, CA

Original Review, November, 2008: The 2006 State Lane Cabernet Sauvignon from Yountville, Napa, CA, is from a batch of frozen grapes from Brehm, fermented cool.

In the glass, this is medium ruby red. Aromas are bold and fragrant, well-perfumed of a deep fruit, hints of inky purple. On the palate, a pleasant front and middle - the tannins tap the front and roof of your mouth. Clean, fresh, bright, but no real acid bite at all. Light, fresh, subdued red cherry finish. Three stars out of five, using the Spirit of Wine scale.

Updated Review, two years later, November, 2010, now four years from harvest date:  Still medium ruby red, with hint of brick at the edge.  Poured cool with a brief decant, a fleshy and earthen midtone red.  On the palate, an impeccable, lithe red fruit balance.  Silky fruit with gentle tannins and acids carrying aromatic currants through and across your mouth, lightly lodging in your gums for a long and enticing finish.  Light weight, akin to a pinot noir, but excellent concentration. Now four stars with the extra age and brief decant.

Updated review, more than two years later again, December, 2012:  Consistent color and aromatics.   The palate is all about subtle, earthy balance, showing mud brown fruit, hints of red currant, precariously balanced on the edge of youth and middle age.  Clean finish..  Drink up now.

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