Thursday, November 27, 2008

***+ Chez Ray Mmmm-Berry 2008: Our Thanksgiving Wine (MM8)

For our Thanksgiving meal, we chose 2008 vintage Mmmm-Berry, the combined black raspberry and red currant wine, made from home-grown red currants and frozen black raspberries (our home black raspberry plants have stopped producing in any harvestable quantities). Recipe and process is available here.

For storing, Mmmm-Berry was finished dry. For drinking, a 750-ml bottle is combined with 8 teaspoons sugar to yield the sweet/tart combination which we seek.

Here are tasting notes:

In the glass, Chez Ray Mmmm-Berry is luminscent, almost a flourescent ruby red. One of the brightest colors I've seen in a red wine. Aroma is stong of mid-summer, especially picks up a tangy, red currant element. No hint of sweetness in the aroma.

On the palate, the sweet middle is apparent right up front. It's nicely balanced by the side trickle of acids. Flavor is a faint hint of the aromas, but does carry through in a clean finish.

I'll award three stars out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale, with a plus for it's bright accessibility in the first year of harvest.

For a fuller dessert wine, the blend of choice is 50 percent Mmmm-Berry (sweetened) plus 50 percent 2005 Botrytis Dessert Wine (Chenin Blanc plus Chardonnary). Nice acids and brightness from the Mmmm-Berry and a fullness and botrytis overtones from the white dessert wine. Color is a bright ruby red. Beautiful!

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