Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pressing the 2008 Chez Ray Grapes - Part One

For the 2008 fresh grapes from California, I will be crushing in two separate phases as an experiment. For the first phase, I am crushing half of the cabernet, merlot and zin immediately upon completion of fermentation.

I will leave the other half of the grapes for extended maceration on their skins, crushing them about eight weeks after fermentation has ended.

I'm very curious whether a detectable difference in the wines will result.

So, two weeks after fermentation started, we are ready for the phase one pressing of half the grapes. Here is a video - courtesy of Karen - of cabernet sauvignon grapes already loaded into the basket press:

And here is a closer look at cleaning the press after pressing the grapes and setting up for the next batch of pressing:

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