Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review: ***+ Chez Ray Lodi Zinfandel (Z,5 - also Z5 underbar), 2005, CA

Original Review, October, 2008: This is a Lodi, CA, zinfandel, fermented from 2005 fresh grapes without stems. Here's our description from the wine blending party in October, 2006: "upfront aroma, concord grape flavor, nice, smooth, fruity (90), soft tannin, mid fruit, light acid, light alcohol, concord/zin, interesting, fruity but full".

Let's see what we've got after some time in the bottle...

Color is light red - gosh, almost pink - with a speck of orange at the edges. Aroma has a touch of charred oak, and a base of something I would almost call orange-grape. The palate is quite easy and pleasing. It shows light, easy, slightly sweet fruit, very mild acids and a graceful, though light, finish. I'd try it again, so it will just barely get three stars out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale.

Updated Review, two years later, October, 2010, now five years from vintage date:  Color is the same light red.  The orange and charcoal has now knitted nicely together on the palate - quite distinctive, light, mellow and aromatic.  The palate is still simple, light, sweet and easy.
Updated Review, three more years later, now eight years from vintage date, November, 2013:  Still a very light strawberry red, just like the original picture!  Interesting and funky orange/peach/cherry nose.  Soft, more lithe in texture than three years ago, but not suffering any effects of age.  Feels like it has a tiny sweet touch.  A plus on the three stars.  (Note: someone I often use an an informed sniffer of Chez Ray wines - and thus I'm sure others - believe the aroma is so odd as to be completely off-putting!)

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