Saturday, December 05, 2009

**** 2005 Windsor Russian River Cabernet Franc (F5), Sonoma County, CA - Review and Rating

Original Review, August, 2008: This is second sampling of the 2005 Windsor Russian River Cabernet Franc, Sonoma County, CA. Grapes were frozen from Brehm Vineyards. First tasting was during our 2005 vintage blending party in the fall of 2006.

Let's see how it's doing with a bit of age. In the glass, this is quite light and translucent, with colors of brick and red. Aroma is fruity, moderately bright, with a blast of medium-toasty oak. On the palate, the first note is a sweet blast of bright fruit in the middle of your mouth. That sweet friendliness slides along your tongue and to the sides of your mouth. There it delivers just a pinch of cheek-tightening acid. Flavors are rich, ripe blackberry and red cherries. Tannins seem mild, but moderate additional aging certainly seems possible. Three stars out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale, with an additional plus for friendly approachability.

During the blending party, we said: "fruit, light aroma, nice tannin balance (*), flavorful, high tannin, alcohol (85), cherry/cab, mid tight tannin, mid fruit, mid acid, mid alcohol, richest so far".
Updated Review, January, 2009: Medium red in the glass, seems to have picked up a bit of deepness in the middle. Aromas are now more serious, inky, with oak/alcohol overlay. On the palate, this is tight, taut, pulling at the sides of your cheek and your tongue. It's saying "feed me, feed me". It wants. What I think it wants is time. It's not a time for it to yield though. I'll leave the score, but definitely put it away for awhile. A pretty long while.

Another updated review, December, 2009: Still medium red. Aromas still have a now-richer inkiness, with oak and black cherry notes, along with a brighter red berry twang. Now a yeast cherry creaminess - not sweet though - comes across in the mid-palate. Plays with the cherry fruit on the sides of your cheeks. Tannins and acids freeze-frame the taut fruit, holding it in your cheeks til the next sip. Serious stuff, now becoming drinkable. Decant opens it up even further. Yum. Classic California cabernet. Four stars now with the additional bottle age. Could be good for a few more years too. Whoohoo!

Updated review, over a year and three-quarters later, now six years from vintage date: Medium deep red.  Soft layers of red berries and oak on the nose.  Dry and serious.  Still wants air.

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