Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lucky Sweet Blend: ***+ CA Muscat plus CT Blueberry Wine, 2005/06

This is a fortuitous blend that came from being out of room in the 'fridge. I had a quarter bottle of 2005 California Sweet Muscat wine; separately I had a quarter bottle of 2006 Connecticut Sweet Blueberry. Without enough door space for both on my refrigerator door, I combined them and ignored them for a couple of days. After dinner tonight, I gave the blend a try; it proved to be better than either on its own.

Color is rose. Nose has a touch of the blueberry leaf funk, overlaid with a muscat note. On the palate, the marriage is made... open, robust sweet acid framing a high-pitched entry that finishes longer and mellow. Three stars out of five on the Spirit of Wine scale with a plus for friendliness and balance.

Separately, the blueberry wine was a bit too bright and eccentric; the muscat too deep, sweet and indistinct. Together, heaven!

The possibilities associated with blending should not be overlooked. I did a posting associated with blending possibilities using commercial syrah over here. Meanwhile, you can see the results of our own Chez Ray blending efforts here.

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