Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chez Ray Dry Honey Mead 2008

Original posting, July 2008:  Running short on my 2002 vintage honey mead, I decided to whip up another batch - this time using Trader Joe's Desert Mesquite Honey.

I published full recipe and instructions over here at Associated Content.

Once it ages out, I'll let you know how it is.

For labeling, I coded this as HM8.

Tasting notes, four years later, September, 2012:   Wow, it sure is a long time since I got around to sampling this!  The bottles were tucked in my wine cellar behind a couple of other heavy cartons which haven't moved for awhile.  Thanks to Kiljoy's comments which finally prodded me to unearth them! 

In the glass, this is light, luminous yellow with hints of gold.  The nose shows a touch of tangy sweetness, almost a hint of botrytris (the "noble rot" of Sauternes-style wines).  The palate is soft, very gently effervescent, lightly sweet with subtle touches of light, grassy honey.  Little hints of butterscotch and citrus enter in as the sip lingers.  (Think of the sweetness and body of a moscato, but different flavors.) It finishes clean, with a slight closing wisp that tell you there was honey somewhere in its background.   For comparison purposes, easily touches three stars on the Spirit of Wine scale.


  1. How did it come out?

  2. Darn good question... time to do a tasting of it, with a couple of years under its belt! Be back soon.

  3. How did it come out?

  4. Thanks for the prods. I just updated with tasting notes.