Saturday, May 03, 2008

Review and Rating: **+ Chez Ray Gewurztraminer 2003, CA

Review: This Chez Ray Gewurztraminer, 2003, was prepared from Alexander's Sun Country grape concentrate (now produced by the California Concentrate Co. ). In the glass, it is a deep honeyed yellow. Aromas are a powerful, sweet, springtime bouquet of flowers touched with a hint of grass and slate. Very appealing.

The palate is somewhat more muted, moving towards dry honey tones on the mid-tongue. There is little fullness, body or finish to complement the initial flavors. The overall impression, however, is pleasant enough. On the basis of its most-becoming aromas, I'll add a plus to its two stars out of five, using the Spirit of Wine rating scheme.

Postscript: This is one case where adding just a touch of sweetening to a wine can make a world of difference. This gewurztraminer was finished bone dry. By adding the equivalent of approximately one-half teaspoon per glass of finished wine, the flavors opened substantially, to complement the aromas wonderfully. Rating-wise, this would have moved to a three or three plus stars out of five. Remarkable improvement with the touch of sugar.

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