Sunday, May 04, 2008

Review and Rating: **** Chez Ray Honey Mead, 2002, CT

Review: During a few vacation days this week, I've been breaking open some archival Chez Ray bottlings. With this one, I'm back to tasting my first-ever fermentation - a dry honey mead recipe begun December 25, 2002. Six pounds of clover honey was the primary ingredient, added to water, along with yeast, nutrients and citric acid. I was targeting a three-gallon yield, which was bottled around August 30, 2003.

Let's see how it has done... In the glass, it shows a light honey color - not at all surprising, given the ingredients! A tiny touch of effervescence still shows. The aroma is distinctive of this mead - I remember it from the days of bottling... it is light but insistent, sweet, just a hint earthy, more like straw than dirt, and showing a pleasant, intriguing form of yeastiness.

On the palate, the tongue is coated with a smooth richness. Flavors are very lightly sweet and honeyed. This dances gently over your tongue, then just touches the sides of your mouth with a hint of slightly salty acid. Quite gorgeous actually. Doesn't show any real indication of age other than a genteel mellowness. At this rate, it should be fine for another 5-10 years. To bad I consumed so much of it in its youth!

Such a fine concoction right from the start was beginners luck, I presume (just check out my Elderberry Wine rating below for one of my more "experienced" trials). This is a solid four stars - distinctly pleasant, with promise for the future. I'm gonna have to land me a bit more honey and resuscitate this recipe!

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