Sunday, April 20, 2008

2005 Chez Ray blends

Several of the 2005 Chez Ray blends are worth a continuing watch.

These are the ones from our blending party that seem to have some lasting power (or at least novelty in their composition):
Bad News Bears: Z,5/CS5/M'5 (31/76/84) (Lodi Zin / State Lane Cab Sauv / Carneros Napa Merlot)
Z/ab: CS5/Z,5 (76/31) (State Lane Cab Sauv / Lodi Zin)
Cyborg: S5/BK5 (46/36) (but "N/G" says another taster!) (Lodi Syrah / Blackberry)
M/in: M5/Z'5 (85/41) (Carneros Sonoma Merlot / Lodi Zin w/stems)
Bathroom Sink: Z,5/S5/BK5/M5/Z'5 (31/41/46/36/85) (Lodi Zin / Cyborg / M/in)

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