Sunday, January 13, 2008

Malolactic fermentation innoculation

I'm starting malolactic fermentation as mentioned in the earlier post. With 250 ml of filtered water, I added 40 grams of Acti-ML nutrient. As you can see in the photo below, I'm about to add 2.5 grams of Enoferm Beta malolactic culture to the soup. After 15 minutes, that gets spread across my buckets.


  1. Hello, I concur on your chice of inoculating for MLF after primary fermentation. Biogenic amines are one issue. Antagonism between yeast and the MLF bacteria is another. I didn't get information on the pH and sulfite levels. Both are important in completing MLF reliably. The pH should be above 3.0, and preferably above 3.3.

    By the way, are you testing to confirm the MLF has started, or when it is complete. One way to confirm is paper chromatography, although these are not very sensitive. The company I'm with is Accuvin. They make tests for L-Lactic Acid and for Malic Acid that can give you needed answers in under four minutes without any lab equipment. They also have a lot of general info on MLF on their website, Hope this helps.

    Reluctant Chemist

  2. Thanks, R.C.
    I probably operate more on the "wing and a prayer" model of testing for MLF completion. Part of my "wing" is letting the vats sit for 6-7 months before sulfiting. But thanks for the pointer to the MLF tests at accuvin. I'll check them out.