Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rating: ***+ 2004 Chez Ray Cabernet Sauvignon (CS4, C4, C'4), Lodi, CA

Original review, September, 2007:
In this glass, this is ruby red, the color of a medium feminine pinot noir, not a burly cabernet sauvignon. Aroma is powerful, though, of bright aged ripe fruit and oak. On the palate, bright sweet cherry cola flavors encircle the taste buds with a hint of acid, following with a mild, lasting sweet cherry finish. Not classic cabernet, but a friendly, just off-dry wine giving great pleasure.
Three plus stars out of five.

Updated review, June, 2009: Similar color, now beginning to brick. Aroma is a bit more spongy and sweet now. Sip brings more muted flavors now, round, still with elements of cola, evenly touching palate with only hints of acid. Clean, cherry finish, lightly sweet.

Updated again, November, 2013:  Light brick orange color.  Funky, orangy-sweet aromatics.  Clean and light cherry cola, may want to be sipped a little cooler than the room temperature at which I am sampling it.


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