Monday, September 17, 2012

Updated Review: **** 2003 Chez Ray Zinfandel, Lodi, CA

Original Review, September, 2007:

This Lodi zin was made from fresh grapes, fermented warm with Pasteur Red yeast. In the glass, it shows a medium dark red. Clean, sweet leather and cinnamon aromas push from the glass. In the palate, a thick, sweet fruit coats the mouth, bringing zinfandel-style tang and noticeable oak. Full round middle with enough tannin and acid to hold the finish, even after a few years in the bottle. This is a keeper for the evening. Four stars out of five.

Especially good with the yummy roasted tomato and pasta dish Karen prepared!

Updated Review, five years later, September, 2012:   Medium to light red in the glass.  Soft, lightly funky, sweet plums on the nose.  Perhaps a hint of Indian spices.  Soft, peppery zinfandel on the palate, yielding a sweet, fragrant, red berry experience.  Remains pleasant, and holds its four star status.  Pretty remarkable at nine years from vintage date!

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