Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rating: *** 2005 Chez Ray "Cyborg", Syrah and Blackberry (S5,BK5), CA , CT

Cyborg was one of Rob's favorite assemblages from our blending party. He called it "Cyborg" because it is truly an otherworldly mix: a Chez Ray syrah from Lodi grapes plus a dry blackberry wine from berries in my CT garden.

Here are tasting notes:
Color is a medium magenta - saturated but not opaque at all. Aroma is somewhat muted: first hint is of oaky dustiness, then followed by a wisp of fruit, then a touch of clean laundry. The palate is not muted though - there is a full, sweet, round, lightly-oaked middle of smooth, deep fruit, followed by a finish that trails off in touches of sweetness. A somewhat simple, but most pleasant wine to pair with anything roasted or barbecued. I'd definitely drink it again, so that's three stars.

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