Saturday, September 23, 2006

Incoming grapes!

Old vine Lodi zinfandel and Lodi petit sirah coming in today from Maltose. I'm planning Lalvin D-254 yeast innoculation. I noticed that one of my favorite Australian meritage blends, Mollydooker Two Left Feet, does a full cold fermentation, between 14-18 degrees Celsius (converted, around 57-64 Fahrenheit). I've never done that on a red that was destined for dryness, but that's my plan this year:

1) Innoculate and get this fermentation underway at room temperature.

2) After first heat spike, move pails to basement for a 60-degree or so ferment to dryness. In effect, I will be bundling extended maceration with the ferment. Anticipating about a two week period or so till dryness (meaning when brix measure falls to 0).

3) I'll press a few days after dry, figure in about three weeks. Some risk there with bacterial infections, but we'll try to keep it clean.

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