Saturday, February 11, 2006

Like laundry... now all pressed and sorted

I didn't show the midwinter's pressing scene this year. You can check it out here. Same press. Looks the same. The separate yeast "experiments" were combined for the eight varietals after fermentation, and left for an additional two weeks for extended maceration. But now the eight varietals are nicely pressed into 3 gallon carboys and, as you can see here, have been left to rest for malolactic fermentation.

Here's what I learned about the yeasts: D254 and D80 similar. D80 a bit more austere, flinty perhaps. D254 a good balance. But the Assmanshausen was a very pleasant surprise, especially on the Napa cabernets. Bright notes with just the right fruit and pleasant tannins. Worth a more aggressive trial next year.

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