Saturday, October 08, 2005

Where there's smoke...

There's FRUIT FLIES!!!
Most every home winemaker has discovered that besides fermenting grapes, they've taken on an unintended hobby of farming fruit flies. Though their life span is only about 30 days, it seems that their breeding habits put those 30 days smack into the time from crush through secondary fermentation. Enough of them buzzing in your primary fermentation tank at low alcohol levels will yield vinegar rather than wine. Nothing like Napa-grade vinegar when you were counting on Cabernet!
Here you see pictured my little fruit fly "spa". This jar with an inverted paper funnel taped to it has a "special sauce" that seems to draw fruit flies right in, away from my fermenting pails and carboys. The sauce is a haphazard blend of about equal parts wine, vinegar, grapes and liquid soap or dishwashing liquid. You only need a touch of each, enough to cover the bottom of your jar.

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  1. Hm, what brand do I see on the envolope! Do you take your work home?